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Superior Denver Hair Removal from Skilled Specialists

It’s true that you have many options for Denver body waxing & hair removal, but when you partner with Denver Divine Waxing Studio for all of your hair removal needs, you get so much more.  Our licensed estheticians are highly trained and experienced to deliver the speedy and effective treatments you need in a comfortable and relaxing setting.


We deliver outstanding results every time, so you can enjoy the hair-free body and perfect brows that help you to look and feel your best.  Our convenient services alleviate the frustrations of time-consuming, at-home hair removal practices, and we work with every client to ensure a personalized and productive experience.


Perhaps you’re looking for sophisticated eyebrow waxing in Denver, with brow artists who have the skills to craft the perfect shape to complement your facial features.  Or maybe you need all-over hair removal in Denver to feel confident flashing your torso or appendages.


No job is too large or small for the pros at Denver Divine Waxing Studio.  From the finest brow hairs, to leg or bikini waxes that are long overdue, we’ll apply the same gentle touch and attention to detail to every client who walks in the door.

Happy New Year!

2021 Comes with changes!

Happy New Year!  We wish all a fresh new start for 2021, thank you for your continued support, through these strange and unconventional times. We are so grateful to be open and working! The past year has been very challenging due to new restrictions, a decrease in volume, and increase in supply costs. Here at Denver Divine we pride ourselves in providing affordable services for all. We want to continue to provide exceptional services, and therefore prices on services are going to go up minimally ( a few dollars) by February 1st 2021 to cover the increased costs of supplies, and the increased difficulty and costs to obtain the proper disinfection products. If you have any questions concerning pricing or changes to pricing, please let us know, we are happy to address all concerns. Also now is a great time to take advantage of our prebooking discount! Anytime you prebook for your next appointment you receive $3 off!  There are some changes to days and hours of operation, please see staff hours and locations tab located at the top of the page. We want to thank all of our clients for your continued support through these challenging times. Business looks different now. Here is what to expect.

All clients must wear a face mask when receiving services

All Services are a 1:1, Children under 8 years of age are permitted in the room with a parent, friends or family members may not be permitted inside the salon, due to the number of client and staff present in the building at any given time. If there is available room in the salon, they can sit in the waiting area.

When you arrive at the University location, please wait outside and text or call us to let us know you are here, so that we can escort you into the salon. When you arrive to the downtown location, you may enter the salon and take a seat in the waiting area until the technician is available.  Thank you for your patience as disinfection processes are taking a little more time between services, we appreciate your understanding as we fine tune this new procedural process.

Con-tactless forms of pay are encouraged Venmo, Paypal, or Supplying credit or debit card online at time of booking. 

all credit card or debit card  transactions that require the exchange in card will have a $2 handling fee  

Please know we love and miss you and wish we could give you a hug, however at this time we will have to hug from afar.

Look forward to seeing you at the studio

Our Mission 

Here at Denver Divine Waxing Studio we welcome all clients regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation, age or socioeconomic status.

We believe

 that all beings are one source energy, experiencing and expanding the collective consciousness individually,water is sacred and conscious, Mother Earth is alive and breathing, all beings are legal and worthy of enjoying and living life to its fullest expression, black lives matter, love is love, women's rights are human rights and kindness is everything!

Denver Divine Waxing Studio is a woman owned business. We are mothers, students, artists, we are women that have made it our mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for all! Providing excellent services with exceptional results!

Thank you for your support.

See you at the Studio!

Thorough Full Body Waxing in Denver

Mankind has evolved to sport far less hair than our primate ancestors, but men and women still have plenty of fuzz to fret about.  Luckily, the talented team at Denver Divine Waxing Studio is ready to help with a slew of Denver body waxing & hair removal treatments.  When you require head-to-toe body waxing in Denver, we can accommodate your every hair removal need.


Whether you want a signature, hard wax, or cashmere Brazilian, you’re looking to address hair on your arms, legs, back, stomach, or underarms, or you need expert facial & eyebrow waxing services, we have no shortage of targeted Denver hair removal treatments to choose from.  Mix and match to suit your needs, or schedule a full body waxing in Denver to achieve the smooth, fuzz-free appearance you crave.

Gentle Facial & Eyebrow Waxing

When it comes to your face, which is a highly visible area, caution is of the utmost importance where beauty treatments are concerned.  Your face serves as a primary tool of socialization.  Without even uttering a word, your smile or frown can speak volumes.


At Denver Divine Waxing Studio, we understand how important it is to treat your face, and indeed, your entire body, with the utmost respect and care.  You expect and deserve exceptional outcomes that ensure a positive experience and lasting results.


This is why every hair removal specialist on our talented team is a licensed and experienced esthetician, capable of offering outstanding hair removal in Denver.  We put special care and concern into facial & eyebrow waxing, in particular.


Other salons are more concerned with getting you in and out so they can maximize profits, and they don’t care if their haste causes redness, irritation, and pain in the aftermath.  At Denver Divine Waxing Studio, we take a kinder, gentler approach that ensures perfect results and satisfied customers every time.

Precision Denver Eyebrow Waxing

If you’ve tried Denver hair removal procedures like leg or bikini waxing in order to alleviate the hassles of daily shaving or other at-home hair removal practices, why not forego the never-ending pain and frustration of plucking your eyebrows, as well?  We’re pleased to offer artful Denver eyebrow waxing services, so you always have the perfect brows you crave with minimal effort.


Shaping your own brows can be an exercise in futility.  They almost never come out even, it’s all too easy to over-pluck, and even if you somehow manage to engineer the shape and fullness you’re happy with, rogue hairs can ruin your look from one day to the next without constant vigilance.


If you’re looking for an easy solution that offers perfect results every time, make an appointment for precision eyebrow waxing in Denver with the talented specialists at Denver Divine Waxing Studio.  Our brow artists have the skill and experience to deliver the personalized shaping and styling that perfectly frames your gorgeous eyes and makes you the envy of all your friends.

Your Favorite Facial in Denver

Personal treatments like Denver body waxing & hair removal are designed to help you look fantastic, boost your confidence, and eliminate the need for time-consuming daily grooming routines.  However, Denver Divine Waxing Studio also offers treatments intended to deliver the pampering and TLC all of us need sometimes.


Facials serve a functional purpose, helping to clear and hydrate your skin so your face looks glowing and fresh, but this rejuvenating treatment can also be a balm for your soul.  When you seek out the best facial in Denver, you not only need a skilled esthetician, but a caring individual committed to ensuring utter peace and relaxation.


Whether you’re dealing with embarrassing blemishes, unsightly redness and prominent veins, or signs of aging like dullness and wrinkles, our talented team of professional estheticians can help to address your particular concerns with a targeted facial in Denver.  Follow up with a Denver eyebrow waxing to enhance your results.  You’ll enjoy some much-needed pampering and total relaxation while improving your appearance when you visit the caring and experienced facialists at Denver Divine Waxing Studio.

Why Wax With Us

Everything is Energy. Continuous energy exchanges are made with each encounter. This is powerful! The awareness of energy and the impressions it creates allows for influential change.  It starts with a beautiful attitude and pure intention. Denver Divine Waxing Studio embodies these core values... leading with exceptional service and outcomes. We honor and respect every walk of life... We are an inclusive community.... We welcome all with an open heart.....We are excited to meet you!



I Had a Brazilian with Chloe! She makes the experience very comfortable and easy. She is a great person to talk to and does her job well! 10/10 would recommend her and the whole Denver Divine Staff. I go to school in the springs, but would make time to drive up to Denver just for a wax.

Sarah C. December 1st 2020

Whitney was so nice and kind, and she is amazing at giving waxes, gentle and made me feel comfortable! Love It!

Juliana M September 10th, 2020

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