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Denver Divine

Superior Services by Skilled Estheticians

It’s true that you have many options when it comes to skilled hair removal and advanced skincare services, but when you partner with Denver Divine Waxing Studios for all of your esthetic needs, you get that and so much more. Our Licensed Estheticians are highly trained and experienced to deliver the speedy and effective treatments that you are looking for, in a comfortable and relaxing setting.


We deliver outstanding results each and every time, so that you can enjoy being hair free and have glowing skin. Our convenient, professional services alleviate the frustrations of time consuming, at home treatments, and we work with every client to ensure a personalized and productive experience.


Perhaps you’re looking for detailed eyebrow waxing, with brow artists who have the skills to craft the perfect shape to  complement your facial features. Or maybe you need all over body hair removal to feel confident letting it all hang out!


No treatment is too large or small for the pro's at Denver Divine Waxing Studios. From the finest brow hairs, to leg or bikini waxes that are long overdue, we’ll apply the same gentle touch and attention to detail to every client who walks in our door's.

Our Mission 

Denver Divine Waxing Studios welcomes all clients, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender orientation, age or socioeconomic status.


We believe that all beings are one source energy, experiencing and expanding the collective consciousness individually. Water is sacred and conscious. Mother Earth is alive and breathing. All beings are legal and worthy of enjoying and living life to its fullest expression. Black lives matter. Love is love. Women's rights are human rights and kindness is everything!


Denver Divine Waxing Studios is a woman owned business. We are mothers, students, artists, and we are women that have made it our mission to provide a safe and inclusive space for all. Providing excellent services with exceptional results.

Thank you for your support, cant wait to see you at the Studio!

Gentle Full Body Waxing

Mankind has evolved to sport far less hair than our primate ancestors, but men and women still have plenty of fuzz to fret about.  Luckily, the talented team of Estheticians at Denver Divine Waxing Studios is ready to help with any of your body waxing needs. Weather you desire a fast and detailed Brazilian wax before your next vacation, or full arm or leg wax before a summer in the sun, we can accommodate your every body hair removal need.


We offer an array of different types of wax for every skin and hair type, so we've got you covered. This allows us to create a custom waxing protocol for each and every client. We have no shortage of targeted custom hair removal treatments to choose from. Mix and match to suit your needs, or schedule a full body wax to achieve the smooth, fuzz-free appearance you desire.

Precision Eyebrow & Face Waxing

When it comes to your face, which is a highly sensitive and visible area, caution is of the utmost importance. Your face serves as a primary tool of socialization. Without even uttering a word, even just your eyebrows can speak volumes.


At Denver Divine Waxing Studios, we understand how important it is to treat your face, and indeed, your entire body, with the utmost respect and care. You expect and deserve exceptional outcomes that ensure a positive experience and lasting results.


Every hair removal specialist on our talented team is a Licensed and experienced Esthetician, capable of offering outstanding facial hair removal in Denver. We strive for nothing less than perfection and precision with our eyebrow and face waxing services in particular.


Your Favorite Facial in Denver

Facials often serve a functional purpose, helping to clear and hydrate your skin so that you feel fresh and glowing, but these rejuvenating treatments can also be a balm for your soul. When you seek out the best facial treatments in Denver, you not only need to be seen by a skilled Esthetician, but also a caring individual committed to ensuring utter peace and relaxation.


Whether you’re dealing with embarrassing blemishes, unsightly redness, or signs of aging such as dullness and wrinkles, our talented team of highly trained Estheticians can help to address your particular concerns with a targeted, custom facial. You’ll enjoy some much needed pampering and total relaxation while also improving your appearance. We specialize in corrective skincare, including Microneedling, Dermaplaning, Chemical Peels, and Microdermabrasion treatments. 

Why Book With Us

The awareness of energy and the impressions it creates allows for influential change. It starts with a beautiful attitude and pure intention. Denver Divine Waxing Studios embodies these core values, leading with exceptional service and outcome. We honor and respect every walk of life. We are an inclusive community. We welcome all with an open heart. We are excited to meet you.



I Had a Brazilian with Chloe! She makes the experience very comfortable and easy. She is a great person to talk to and does her job well! 10/10 would recommend her and the whole Denver Divine Staff. I go to school in the springs, but would make time to drive up to Denver just for a wax.

Sarah C. December 1st 2020

Whitney was so nice and kind, and she is amazing at giving waxes, gentle and made me feel comfortable! Love It!

Juliana M September 10th, 2020

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