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We are proud to offer GuerillaHealer CBD products!

GuerillaHealer is a 501(c)3 charity featured in Newsweek, dedicated to providing quality products at compassionate prices. The patented solvent free process ensures that there is no damage done to the terpenes, which are key to effectively crossing the blood brain barrier. No additives or flavoring used. Many CBD products use flavoring because terpenes become damaged in the Co2 extraction process. GuerillaHealer incorporates an artisanal process that optimally delivers cannabinoid liposomes, ensuring high quality and superb products!

The best CBD on the market! Health and wellness for the whole family.. including pets!

Products available in store


Slices Of Citrus

Unique and playful jewelry pieces made form real fruit and vegetable slices, coated in a 100% biodegradable tree sap resin. Sustainable fashion created by Leah with love and great intention. Support a local female artist! 

Available in store!

Earrings $30

Necklaces $35-45 


New Moon CBD


Take it easy after a long day with a 25 mg CBD infused bath bomb! The perfect addition to any bath ritual, with scents of white ginger tea, lavender or rose! Made locally by two bomb girl bosses!​

Organic, Vegan and Cruelty Free


1 for $18

2 For $25 

3 For $35

4 for $40


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PFB Ultra

The #1 ingrown hair treatment! Great for the dry climate of Denver CO. Does not strip the skin of natural oils, works immediately to treat current inflammation and ingrowns and prevents from future issues. Brightens and lightens dark marks.

Available in store 

4 oz Chromabright $34 

2 oz PFB Ultra $22