Enhancements, Upgrades, and Other Services

Numbing Cream Application

5% Lidocaine cream is applied 15 minutes prior to your wax to decrease pain and discomfort during treatment.

Enjoy a complimentary eye mask and hand/neck massage while the cream works its magic.

$20.00 (15 minutes)


Pre-Wax Steam and Numbing Cream

Gentle steaming of the area helps to soften the cuticle and the hair, decreasing breakage and discomfort during waxing. Steam allows the 5% lidocaine cream to penetrate better and work more effectively.

$30 (15 minutes) 


PFB Chromabright Serum

Applied post-wax to help decrease irritation and prevent ingrown hairs.

$5 (add on to any body waxing service)


High-frequency treatment helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

$3 (add on to any face or body waxing service)


Wax Upgrade

Customize your service with the use of our Rose or Cashmere waxes.

$5- $15 (depending on the service)

Ingrown Hair Treatment

Ideal for getting rid of, and preventing further ingrown hairs.  

Includes steam, in-depth extractions, high-frequency treatment, and PFB ingrown hair serum application.

*Depending on the severity, we may recommend multiple treatments for optimal results.

$50.00 (45 minutes)