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*exfoliate and moisturize no sooner than 24 hrs prior to your appointment.
*hair should be a 1/4 of an inch long
*take an ibuprofen 1.5 hrs prior to wax
* avoid direct sun exposure 24 hrs prior to and after your wax
* don't wax 5 days prior to or after your period
*  No heavy workouts 24 hrs after your wax (follicle is open higher chance of bacteria that can cause unsightly rash and bumps.
*wear loose comfortable clothing and cotton underwear
* Yes, you do remove your underwear to ensure the
removal of all unwanted hair.
*Wax at least 3 days prior to swimsuit or event time
* waxing consistently every 4- weeks improves the removal of hair and deceases the chances of ingrown hair.

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