Maximize your results

* Exfoliate & moisturize no sooner than 24 hours prior to your waxing appointment.

* Hair being waxed should be1/4 of an inch long.

* Take ibuprofen 1.5 hours prior to waxing service.

* Avoid direct sun exposure 24 hours prior to and after your wax.

* Don't wax 5 days prior to or after your cycle.

*  No heavy workouts 24 hours after your wax (follicle is open, higher chance of bacterial introduction which causes unsightly rash and bumps.

* Wear loose comfortable clothing and cotton underwear.

* Be aware that you do remove your underwear for the service to ensure the removal of all unwanted hair.

* Wax at least 3 days prior to wearing a swimsuit or before event.

* Waxing consistently every 4 weeks improves the ease of hair removal, decreases overall pain, and deceases the chances of ingrown hairs in the future.