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Female Waxing Services


Brazilian Waxes

Hair is removed from the front, back, and in-between-- includes the labia and between the cheeks.

Go for the full Monty and leave completely bare or keep a triangle or "landing strip" of hair-- it's up to you! All service costs include gratuity.

New Customer


New Customer Brazilian Wax

New to Denver Divine Waxing? Welcome! please select this option if this is your first Brazilian wax with us. Your very first Brazilian wax with us has extended time to ensure we select the right waxes for your skin and hair, including  in depth consultation, we do not want to rush through our first meeting. A deluxe wax is performed; includes tummy, inner thigh and butt strip if desired. High frequency skin treatment,  PFB Ingrown hair serum applied. Aftercare products and education on use, given to ensure the best results from your service.

$96 (45 min)



Some people have asked "why the cost of their first Brazilian is higher than the other Brazilians offered."  The reason we do not follow the industry standard of giving first time clients a discount, is because we believe that in order to benefit from Brazilian waxing , constancy and commitment are key in achieving exceptional results as well as highly trained waxing specialists to perform services. Your first wax with us is an investment in your selfcare. Our waxers are trained 6-8 weeks with extensive hands on experience. This ensures the quality of your experience. Most waxing establishments provide 2 weeks or less of training.  If you are looking just to try a Brazilian, we are probably not the salon for you, we cater to our established clientele and want to ensure that they have plenty of options to book and the convenience of custom waxing options and prices. We believe in creating an atmosphere of partnership. We provide excellent services by highly training waxing specialists, in a professional and clean environment, using high quality products. At days and times requested by you the customer. We promise to deliver all of this every time and in return we ask that you honor your part of the partnership by showing up on time to the services you requested. We also ask that if you are not able to hold up your end of the agreement that you give us a 24 hr notice. We look forward to meeting you!

Return Client Brazilian Menu


The Creme de la Creme of waxing! The one and only of its kind in Denver. A luxury wax for your lady bits! Start with numbing cream and steam, herbal hot towel, deluxe Brazilian, followed by your choice of Esthamax Hydrojelly mask   Then extractions are performed and a high frequency skin treatment, finishing products applied PFB chromabright serum  and deck polish.

$96 (60 minutes) 


The perfect wax for our returning clients!

A custom hard waxing experience tailored to suit your individual hair and skin type. With 5 hard waxes available to give you the ultimate custom waxing experience. Includes inner thigh, stomach, and butt strip.

PFB Chromabright serum applied and high-frequency treatment to prevent ingrown hairs.

$78 (30 minutes)



An Ideal wax for returning clients that may have a few extractions, need a tummy strip (It's included!) and are prone to ingrown hairs . A Signature blue hard wax used, PFB ingrown hair serum applied and high frequency skin treatment included.

$60 (30 minutes)

*Wax upgrade available *Rose, Cashmere,Orange Crystalline $70 (30 min)


An affordable wax for returning clients, that do not have ingrown hairs.

A no-frills service with blue hard wax. You are in and out!

$54 (30 minutes)

*Wax Upgrade Available *Rose, Cashmere, or Orange Crystalline wax available $63 (30 min)


Brazilian Touch Up

Touch up service for returning clients, eligible within 14 days of a full-service Brazilian wax

Great for those in-between weeks, vacations, or if you just need a little clean-up!

$36 (30 minutes)

*Wax Upgrade Available *Rose, Cashmere, or Orange Crystalline wax available $48 (30 min)

Bikini, Butt, and Belly Waxes

Service performed with blue hard wax (or upgrade($10) to rose, cashmere, or orange crystaline)

Bikini Line

 Remove unwanted hair from beyond the bikini line. 3'from panty line, top and sides.

$44.00 (15 minutes)


Full Bikini 

Removes hair from the sides, top and labia. Take or leave as much hair as you desire from the front.

(**Does not include "between the cheeks" strips)

$48 (30 minutes) 


Buttocks Strip

The best part! Removes hair from between the cheeks, from the perineum up to the small of the back.

$18 (15 minutes)

Extended Buttocks Strip

Removes hair from between the cheeks, from the perineum up to the small of the back, and includes those pesky outliers that don't qualify for a regular butt strip. Not quite a full booty wax. 

$24 (15 minutes) 

Full Buttocks

Includes the butt crack, from the perineum to the small of the back, and both cheeks.

$40 (30 minutes)

Inner Thigh

Removes the pesky, migrating hair on the inner thighs.

$15 (10 minutes) 

Stomach Strip

Removes the "happy trail", from the belly button to the top of the bikini line.

$6 (10 minutes) 

Lower Stomach

remove hair from below the navel to top of bikini line.

$18 ( 15 Min)


Customize your waxing service with Enhancements and Upgrades

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