Female Waxing Services


Brazilian Waxes

Hair is removed from the front, back, and in-between-- includes the labia and between the cheeks.

Go for the full Monty and leave completely bare or keep a triangle or "landing strip" of hair-- it's up to you!



The Creme de la Creme of waxing with a custom wax blend. Includes numbing cream, steam & Deluxe Brazilian wax and followed by a clarifying mask & steam, warm herbal towel, extractions, high-frequency treatment, and PFB Chromabright serum.

$78 (60 minutes) 


The perfect wax! Ideal for first-time waxers or individuals that suffer from ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin.

A custom waxing experience tailored to suits your individual hair and skin type. Includes inner thigh & stomach strip.

PFB Chromabright serum and high-frequency treatment to prevent ingrown hairs. 

$58.00 (30 minutes)



Ideal for the seasoned waxer that does not have ingrown hairs.

A no-frills service with blue hard wax. You are in and out!

**Does not include inner thigh or stomach strips.

$42.00 (30 minutes)



Ideal for sensitive or reactive skin, fine to medium hair, or individuals that have been waxing consistently.

Lilac hard wax gently removes unwanted hair. 

PFB Chromabright serum to prevent irritation and ingrown hairs. 

$54.00 (30 minutes) 



Ideal for mature or sensitive skin.

The original cream hard wax gently removes medium and coarse hair without tugging on the skin. 

Rose witch hazel is applied before and after wax to decrease inflammation on sensitive skin. 

$56.00 (30 minutes) 



Ideal for in-between waxes or 7-10 days post-shaving.

A crystalline hard wax that crystallizes around stubborn and short hairs to remove them with ease.

PFB Chromabright serum to decrease inflammation and to prevent ingrown hairs. 

$52.00 (30 minutes) 


Brazilian Touch Up

Touch up service within 10 days of a full-service, Denver Divine Waxing Brazilian.

Great for those in-between weeks, vacations, or if you just need a little clean-up!

$25.00 (30 minutes)


Bikini, Butt, and Belly Waxes

With blue, hard wax (or upgrade to cashmere or rose wax)

Bikini Line

Remove unwanted hair from beyond the bikini line.

$36.00 (15 minutes)


Full Bikini 

Removes hair from the sides, top and labia. Take or leave as much hair as you desire from the front.

(**Does not include "between the cheeks" strips)

$39.00 (30 minutes) 


Buttocks Strip

The best part! Removes hair from between the cheeks, from the perineum up to the small of the back.

$10.00 (15 minutes)

Extended Buttocks Strip

Removes hair from between the cheeks, from the perineum up to the small of the back, and includes those pesky outliers that don't qualify for a regular butt strip. Not quite a full booty wax. 

$12.00 (15 minutes) 

Full Buttocks

Includes the butt crack, from the perineum to the small of the back, and both cheeks.

$33.00 (30 minutes)

Inner Thigh

Removes the pesky, migrating hair on the inner thighs.

$10.00 (10 minutes) 

Stomach Strip

Removes the "happy trail", from the belly button to the top of the bikini line.

$10.00 (5 minutes) 



Customize your waxing service with Enhancements and Upgrades