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We value our clients' experience and time.

Due to high demand and volume of appointments, policies will be strictly enforced.  
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and for supporting a Woman-owned and operated business!

Credit/Debit Card Authorization Policy

All Customers required to have a valid credit/debit card on file to book/receive services
Starting 8/8/21 customers will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to have a valid credit card on file. Having this form on file will allow you to pre-book your appointments at the studio or make appointments over the phone, or use a third party booking system. You will be provided with a copy of all company policies prior to signing the authorization form. If you choose to forgo the cc authorization form, please understand all appointments will need to be made through our  online booking platform Booksy, where credit card information will be collected over a secure server. If you are booking on a third party server you will need to fill out a cc authorization form prior to receiving services, for further appointments booked on third party server. If card supplied online is not valid and the individual incurs a policy fee, the outstanding balance must be taken care of before services can be scheduled or performed, online booking will be blocked. Please contact us at 720-799-3829 to resolve outstanding balance and restore online booking capability. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation



To cancel or make changes to your scheduled appointment, you may do so through the booksy app at your convenience, or contact us by phone, please leave a voice mail if you do not talk directly with an individual or send a text, at least 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Any cancellations or changes made to an appointment  after the 12-hour period are required to pay  100% of the original service cost/PER SERVICE Canceled or Changed. If you do not contact us by phone to cancel your appointment and it is after the 12hr period and choose to cancel through the Booksy App, the cancellation fee will be automatically charged to card on file with-in 72hours of cancellation.


No Call No Show Policy

All no-call, no-shows are required to pay100% of the listed service price for each booked service. 

A No call No show is rude and unappreciated, with that being said we do understand that things beyond our control can happen, which is why we will allow a client to book a service and use their voucher with a zero balance on the account following the first no call, no show. If any client has two no call, no shows, future appointments will not be accepted and all 3rd party vouchers are forfeited and policy fees applied to card on file. 


All clients with a Groupon/ Living Social/ Classpass voucher are subject to the same policies. NO EXCEPTIONS!



All Wax Pass or pre-paid clients are subject to the same policies. Fees will be charged to the card on file.

Fees can take up to a full pay period ( 2Weeks maximum) to post to your account. 


Please arrive on time for your appointment. We pride ourselves on allowing plenty of time to complete each service. This ensures quality work and customer satisfaction. When a service is started late, it can affect all appointments following. If you are more than 10* minutes late to a 30 min appointment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled, and a fee will be applied. *All scheduled appointments that are 15 minute services do not have a grace period and are expected to be on time or early.

All appointments that are 45min- or longer , have a 15 min grace period at the discretion of the technician, and the understanding that the full service may not be  completed to standard and all service booked will be charged even if all services can not be completed. If later then 15 min , appointment will need to be rescheduled and fees applied.  Strictly enforced. No exceptions


All Policies apply to customers that have purchased a discounted voucher through Groupon,  Living Social and Class Pass. These companies are 3rd party affiliates and are not associated with Denver Divine Waxing Studio, therefore all returns must be made through the party in which the service voucher was purchased. Package Vouchers can not be shared by  multiple clients, 1 person per voucher, no exceptions. If you are booking your service on the 3rd party booking system and not through our website booking tool, the appointment is not guaranteed for the time and date selected, appointment is only guaranteed if you receive a confirmation email  from Denver Divine Waxing Studios booking system Booksy You will receive a personal communication email from us if your selected date and time are not available with options for reschedule. All outstanding balances must be taken care of before re-booking can occur.


We strive for exceptional results and outstanding customer service. Please let us know how we are doing, what is working and where improvements can be made.  

At Denver Divine Waxing Studios there is absolutely no double-dipping into the wax, and a new stick is used every single time to ensure no cross-contamination between clients.

Wax pots are deep-cleaned and disinfected regularly. This ensures cleanliness and increases the efficacy of the wax.

We are providing more than just a waxing/skincare service, we provide skilled technicians, in a professional business setting, offering a secure booking system for all private and financial information, while using high quality wax and supplies for all services.

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