Custom Brazilian Waxing


Life is full of choices....why should Brazilian waxing be any different! Now the choice is yours! Custom Brazilians tailored to meet all intimate needs.

Please prebook and receive $3 off next visit

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Signature Brazilian Wax

A Fan Favorite!

A Fan Favorite !

Ideal wax for the seasoned waxer that does not have ingrown hairs. A blue hardwax that is no frills or thrills, in and out!


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Emergency Brazilian Wax

Ready Set Go!

An Amazing Brazilian

Ideal wax for short stubborn hairs. An Orange hardwax that removes hair with ease, leaving skin smooth!


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Cashmere  Brazilian Wax

 Lap of Luxuruy

Luxury for your lady parts 

Ideal for very sensitive skin. A Lilac hardwax that is formulated to remove hair from sensitive skin with minimal pain and redness.