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Via la Yoni Power ...

What is Yoni? This is the Hindu word for Vulva. The Yoni is used as a divine sacred energy that is often represented by a circular stone. I will refer to the Vagina or the Vulva as the Yoni, to show reverence to the divine power, energy and connection that lies between our thighs. I grew up like many, shameful of my Yoni, disgusted and self conscious. My mother and grandmother did not talk about the Yoni. In fact I hear it all too often, women and young gals are not comfortable speaking about the Yoni, and this is a direct by product of the society we live in. How can we live in a society where we sexualize everything, it is all over the TV and computer screen and magazines, yet be so hush hush.. when acknowledging what it is we women all carry between our legs. We are living in a time when the female is over sexualized to be more appealing to the male counter part... it's all about sex! To be sought after by so many... sex.. pleasure... love. I love sex and I am a very sexual being, summer of 2017 I was tinder dating and spreading my legs at any opportunity to feel wanted and desired... it did give me a sense of power and fulfillment, although very temporary and fleeting. Then I would messaging again in search for that acceptance and desire from the next tinder Joe!

I needed to find my power, my inspiration to fill the void. It started with me telling myself and my Yoni that I was beautiful. As strange as it sound... talking to your lady parts creates a relationship with her, acknowledging all the pleasure she brings and the pain she endures during our bleeding time. Yes the Yoni is powerful and once we identify this and embrace it as so, the sooner we as women are not only taking our power back but stepping into the power! that is where the magic lies.

Yoni waxing is sacred in my eyes. I have the responsibility and consideration of being in your sacred space, and to be aware of this space as sacred is a great step in the right direction. We have a long way to go as a society... but it starts individually! Viva La Yoni!!!!

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