• Whitney Nichole

Oh Mercury Oh Mercury

It is finally upon us! Mercury stations direct today under the illuminating beams of the Virgo full moon. A great time for reflection over the lessons this retrograde has bestowed upon us, la Luna shines clarity on all we have encountered. What was illuminated in your patterns and behaviors? For me I was confronted with my will power, my addictions and insecurities. I had decided to try alternate day intermittent fasting, and I did this to help me get a better hold on my health and weight. I started off pretty strong at the beginning of February, however as soon as Mercury went retrograde on the 16th, my will power crumbled like day old bread… stale and crummy. Even though I felt strong, I not only fell off the wagon, but remained restrained to the wagon hitting every pot hole as it dragged me along behind it ...eating dust. I had no control, an untamed and savage energy of self sabotage was rattled to the surface. How could I be blinded by the illusion of self control and structure? I still have an air of I don’t give a shit attitude that has me rolling snake eyes… lose a turn and move backwards 10 steps in the game of life. Ahhh Mercury thank you for so gracefully highlighting my less than favorable but all too good ... fuck it! take on shit. So here I am at the end of the transit with a not so tight ass approach and a more self loving understanding of what it is to truly be human and surrender to the larger patterns and habits running in the subconscious background of my mind. Because at the end of the day, that is all life is, a subconscious pattern playing out in the choices we make day in and day out. In fact it is planets like Mercury that are truly gems in the game of life. Bringing awareness to the subconscious repeating record playing in the background. Our power lies in our choices, and as we know, attached to every choice is a response or as we often hear a consequence. That is why I thank the often labeled mischievous planet Mercury, for bringing awareness to the subconscious reality of my life, allowing for the opportunity to reevaluate and redirect my path.

Mercury hit me with a plot twist this go around. Here I am, a driven, independent boss bitch who knows with great confidence not to text an ex when mercury is retrograde. But what if that ex has a birthday that falls during the retrograde!? A loophole… right!?!? So here I was in the height of Mercury retrograde texting that old lover, Happy Solar return! Of course I tried lying to myself, saying he won’t respond... That was a close one, phew… Oh shit he replied!!! Here I was in the mercury shit storm I so eagerly try to avoid! And it would seem that the more convinced one becomes of being prepared for mercury shenanigans the more susceptible to the lessons we are. Now that Mercury retrograde is coming to a close I am still speaking with my ex and to be honest it has been refreshing and eye opening. I was able to make a soul connection with this individual that of course,2 yrs ago would have seized to exist based on the current status of our individual lives up in till this particular moment in time. You see that fear I had of”don’t text an ex,” was due to the trauma and triggers that I experienced when we interacted 2 yrs ago, however since then I have been doing the work individually, dissecting and unraveling the messy aspects of myself, that I had adopted as coping skills to unhealed trauma and past relationships. I can confidently say I am in a different space energetically, emotionally and spiritually today,than I was 2 yrs ago. I can thank 8+ ayahuasca ceremonies, multiple sweat lodges, women's circles, plant medicine, shadow work, meditation, psychedelic healing circles, and my interest in connecting to my indigenous roots for placing me on this current trajectory. So here i am vibrating at the current frequency that has attracted this interaction with my Ex, only this time around I am welcoming the experience rather than fearing the outcome! That is what I call growth and thanks to Mercury I can measure that growth with confidence through the experiences it influenced. All in all we can blame mercury for our shortcomings or we can be thankful for the awareness that it brings to them. We are the creators of our reality and when we choose to live outside of the duality of the 3rd dimensional constructs of right and wrong, bad and good, when it comes to the choices we make,we instead open ourselves to the endless possibilities of the choices we have to make. Looking at it beyond duality allows an individual to take their power back and become the game master of their life. So as grateful as I am for the lessons, I am also grateful it is over and we have more time to mature before we retrograde again. Love and blessings starseeds, witches, wizards and portals. Signing off DiaLuna Azula, Blue Ray 13th dimension

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