• Whitney Nichole

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Over the last month I have had a pattern of seeing myself in the mirror when I am dreaming. This has been the only parts of my dreams that I am remembering in great detail. It has occurred 3 times. The first time I looked into the mirror only to see myself standing next to me in the reflection, I was cover in blood, all over my face, like a scene out of the cult classic Carrie. It was not scary more mesmerizing. The second time I looked into the mirror I was looking directly at my reflection, however the face was blurred and looked like a Picasso piece. The final time I drempt of this, I had fallen asleep in the tub one morning. I was in the tub in my dream washing my hair when I looked to the side of the tub there was a mirror and low and behold It was me in clear definition. I was making eye contact with the reflection, moving to see if the reflection mirrored my movements. It was me in the reflection but It was different me, she had a bold and fiery presence, her eyes piercing and knowing! She had an every so subtle smirk on her face. I was starring at my unconscious self straight in the eye, as though she had been waiting to be seen. She gave me a powerful reassurance that she had been with me all along and was now ready to make her presence known. Dream interpretation has always been a curiosity of mine. I mean we spend 1/3 of our lives in the dream world! Were do we go? Is it an alternate reality, or just a compilation of my conscious/subconscious experiences and memories? Looking back at these 3 dreams I feel as though the very first occurrence was a birthing of my subconscious/ high self standing in blood before me, and like a new born baby covered in the the life substance of blood I too was birthed. The second occurrence I would relate to a new born child trying to make out faces and see its reality. The blurry reflection was my new eyes adjusting to this world to the reflection. The Final reflection was the meeting of my subconscious self with my conscious self! This is the authentic self, this is the part of me that i wish to know better and embody. Speaking my truth and telling my story are ways that I am embracing my authentic self! We can not be whole if we do not get to know the subconscious self and bring this into the light. I encourage you to look into the unconscious mirror, what are you going to see? Have a beautiful day in the now!

Look into the mirror what is looking back at you?

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