• Whitney Nichole

Galactic Witch...that's me!

My Name is DiaLuna Azula; blue ray from the 12th dimension of water and fire,the land of dragons. This is my galactic sol signature name. I am called by the name Whitney Nichole in the 3rd dimensional reality. I am here now in this time line to usher in light for new eARTh real-alities and 5th dimensional ascension.

The eARTh and all her inhabitants are in the midst of one of the grandest spectacles in galactic stories. The ascension of planet eARTh from a 3rd dimensional construct of duality to a 5th dimensional planet of universal love and union. This is the first occurrence of planet eARTh transforming to a higher dimension, she has descended many of times, this is the first occurrence of ascension! This is incredible, absolutely magickal! And that means we have the opportunity to ascend with her! Get excited... get very excited!

If you are reading this... please know that it is not just coincidence, I am here to help with this transition. I was not always aware of my my sol signature or my purpose or mission here on this planet. You see just a few short years ago I was completely asleep and living within the 12:60 false timing frequency matrix. Working a mindless nine to five job, paying bills, going through the motions and very much depressed, addicted, and ungrateful for this thing called life.... I was exhausted... over the grind yet I continued to move robotically through each day. One day it all caught up with me and my world came crashing down... I was hiding a 3 year IV drug addiction to cope with the purgatory I resided in, the secrete was out! October 3rd 2012 was the beginning of my journey through the dark night of the sol. From this moment I was brutally tested in faith and the ability to endure. I continued to resist the instinctual calling to wake up, to who I was and why I was here. It was not until April 2016 that I called out to the Universe for help... I literally screamed with every cell in body out to the Universe to show me the truth! Lesson one, Ask and you shall receive; the first Universal Law of free will sentient beings. It was that year where I woke up.... I was violently shaken from my 3rd dimensional amnesia. Call it a spiritual awakening... call it nirvana! For the first time in this incarnation I experienced my kundalini awakening and from that point forward life has never been the same.

I have been guided to tell my story, to step fully into my authentic self. For those guided to listen, I will share my journey into the dark to find my light. So shall it be

DiaLuna Azula, Blue Ray Galactic Witch

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