• Whitney Nichole

Divine Conception

Awe...I love the smell of Matcha and motivation in the dawning! I am so grateful to have created the life that I have; it has been a whirlwind 2 yrs! January 2017 was a major turning point in my sol journey. I had just been faced with a long over due divorce and received the confirmation of his infidelity days before Christmas in 2016. My Universe had shifted and was shifting for some time by that January. I was dizzy and dazed... the life that I had been living for the past 12 years was over! Who was I? if not a wife? It was all I had known and done since I was 17 years old! I felt lost, abandoned, betrayed, hurt, and liberated, exhilarated, vivacious all in the same breath. the moment I accepted that the current sate of my marriage we due to the equal participation of neglect and disrespect we had both been feeding the union, was the moment I shifted mentally,emotionally and spiritually. My new life, my new chapter was waiting to be written. I made a choice that January to take a risk and do something I never imagined doing at that particular point in my journey.... what a better time to start a business then now, when I had nothing to lose because I had already lost what I valued most.... my family! The idea of Denver Divine Waxing studio was conceived that January. I had stopped in a salon suite rental and asked for more information on how to rent a space, I put my name on the waiting list which I was told at the time would be around 8 mo. That was plenty of time for me to save and research and start building a business!( turned out to be only 3 mo!) Looking back at everything, It was all in divine timing, I had to let go of the marriage that was no longer serving me in order to make the room necessary to expand and build the dream life I always knew I was capable of. Learning to embrace endings and being grateful for the moments in time that I have been gifted as well as knowing when to close one door in order to go through another remains a leaning in progress, but none the less a beautiful process. May the endings we all face be beautiful beginnings.

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