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Brazilian Bruja

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Hello beautiful divine beings! So incredibly thankful for this space to share with you why I love doing what I do! First of all let's start out with what is a "bruja"? this is the spanish word for "witch". What does it mean to me, to identify as a witch? It means I am reclaiming the power that has been muffled and deemed "evil" or "dark" by the patriarchy, simply because it does not follow religious dogma. It means reconnecting with the elements and finding my rhythm with the cycles of the Earth. Being a witch for me means going deeper within to understand my purpose and gifts and my connection with the cosmic web we call the universe. Being a witch means embracing the power of being a divine being on this Earth a reflection of the goddess mother herself. I work closely with the cycles of the moon and sun along with the stars and planets. Now why would a bruja open a business doing brazilian waxing you ask? Well the yoni (vagina) or womb space is a sacred space that has been made taboo and shameful through out centuries. You see as women we have a womb a divine portal that connects us to the spiritual realm, this is where the creation of life itself takes place! I find it honoring and important to treat this space for what it is sacred! This is why I have chosen to be an intimate waxing specialist. I find it of great importance to enter this space with respect, honor, and great intention. Besides waxing I am currently continuing my education in Maya in abdominal message and I currently do womb healing addressing issues like yoni trauma including sexual abuse and rape. The healings are done with yoni crystal eggs and womb reiki, along with yoni steam baths to clear out and cut ties with energies that can often cause stagnant energy to build up hampering the ability to climax or orgasm during sex. I also offer support and a safe space to talk about blockages and experiences that affect the sacred space.I truly love the work I do and have chosen to do this work because of my own sexual trauma and rape. If you have any questions please ask! Thank you for reading! Signing off as the waxing witch!

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