• Whitney Nichole

2019... Fresh new energy

Here we are half way through January 2019! One thing that is absolutely certain.. is that the world keeps on moving whether we choose to start or not! Starting is half the battle when we set goals or outlooks for a new beginning. The truth is we place so much expectation on January 1st to be a fresh start... when really we have the ability to start fresh every moment of the day! I am guilty of this, I set all these expectations when really I would like to change it from expectations to experiences. I also would like to change the verbiage of making decisions to making choices! After all it feels better to have a choice then it does to have to decide. I am also working on being gentle with myself and speaking kindly to myself. I am a busy body.. always working on something, starting something, helping with something, it can be overwhelming at times and I tend to start feeling like I am not really completing anything or even getting anywhere. Then those thoughts perpetuate into my reality, so when I begin to feel this way, I take 5 min to say good job and recognize all that I have started, initiated and accomplished, the truth is there is plenty, taking the time to give myself credit where credit is do! This has boosted my outlook and attitude towards an often overwhelming, hectic lifestyle, giving me the motivation to continue and to do so with joy! Half way through the January and so far I am doing well! I am doing things different and encourage you to try it as well! Have a beautiful day in the now!

Sit with all of your bodies and take the time to acknowledge what an amazing multidimensional being you are!

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